Glass Shower doors

Stylish, modern and practical bathroom decoration solution. They allow you to work effectively with absolutely any space. In a small shower door made of glass will visually preserve the volume of the room, and in a bathroom with a window will let sunlight into the shower area, which will provide you with significant energy savings.

Glass shower doors, presented today on the plumbing market, delight with a variety of designs and designs. They fit incredibly harmoniously into any interior style you choose: from high-tech to retro.

In addition, glass is the most successful material for the bathroom. It is indifferent to the effects of moisture and temperature changes. Unlike plastic, glass shower doors will not become cloudy and will not turn yellow over the years during operation. There is also no doubt about the strength of glass products. Shower doors are made of reliable tempered glass, which is simply impossible to break by accident.

However, before placing an order on the website, you should decide not only on the design that is appropriate for your bathroom, but also choose the optimal design. It is also necessary to accurately calculate the dimensions of the doors. After all, the finished version requires a perfect match of the dimensions of the glass doors and the shower area itself. The tightness of the connections will allow you to feel comfortable in the future when taking water procedures.

There are a great many design options for shower doors made of glass on the market today. Transparent glass doors are ideal for confined spaces, as they do not visually “eat up” space. From the point of view of style – they will perfectly fit into a high-tech or modern interior. Matte partitions will give intimacy to the shower area. There are also combined models made of transparent and frosted glass. Transparent doors with a matte pattern applied to them look spectacular. This solution is optimal for classic or retro style.

Shower doors made of corrugated glass look elegant and unusual. If there is a window in the bathroom, doors made of colored glass or partitions with fusing elements will help create an atmosphere of celebration and magic. The sun’s rays passing through the colored glass will form multicolored highlights on the walls and floor of the bathroom, lifting your mood and charging you with positive emotions.

  • Glass thickness from 6 to 12 mm
  • The weight of the glass partition is 25 kg/m2
  • Sound insulation 25-35 dB
  • Light transmittance – 0.92
    Impact strength, – 33 MPa
  • The specific thermal conductivity of glass is 0.93 w/ m ×k
  • The color of the fittings and profile is Brushed stainless steel. steel (SSS), Polished stainless steel. steel (PSS), Gold plating (Ti), Anodized aluminum (AL), Painting according to the RAL catalog
  • The typical thickness of loft partitions is 76 mm.
  • Types of glass: Transparent, ultra-transparent, tinted in bulk (grey, bronze), matte.

The price of any design is formed taking into account the calculation of the cost of materials, production, external factors. The final cost is affected by the quality of the material, the size of the structure, the complexity of the design, the need for additional surface decoration, delivery.

The final cost of production works is calculated only after receiving the technical specification with the dimensions from the customer, as well as the final discussion of all the details of the order.

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Supersklo is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of bathroom partitions using various metal profiles and tempered glass. Order execution procedure: Measurements and creation of project drawings are the first stage on the way to creating an ideal design. The company's specialists will make measurements of the opening, after which they will develop a design project. The production of partitions takes several working days. The exact terms of production are negotiated with the client individually. Delivery of structures in Kiev and the Kiev region is carried out by the company's transport. The installation of structures is carried out by qualified specialists with extensive experience. The company additionally offers maintenance of glass partitions. The products have passed all the necessary quality checks, the results of the tests are supported by the appropriate types of documents.