Glass partition in the bathroom in Kiev

Features of glass doors

Surprisingly, glass is an excellent sound insulation material. In combination with hermetic seals, the door flaps are tightly closed, preventing drafts and the penetration of unnecessary sounds. Separately, it is worth noting the strength of the glass structure. Six to twelve millimeters, which make up the optimal thickness of glass doors, allows them to last you long enough. If your door is based on hot glass, it is almost impossible to break it, unless you try to do it on purpose, because it is ten times stronger than ordinary glass.

Sliding doors to the bathroom

Bathroom curtains can be made of transparent glass or plastic. Each material is good, reliable and durable in its own way. Sliding glass bathroom curtains look more spectacular and perfectly complement the interior. All products are covered with a special layer of protection, which prevents the possibility of plaque from water and stains. Such curtains are also easy to care for. They do not have to be rubbed thoroughly to achieve the desired shine. Special accessories and glass cleaner will allow you to achieve a pristine shine.

Shower partition made of glass

A glass shower partition is an enclosing structure made of tempered glass, located in the bathroom and designed for taking a shower. There are non-opening shower partitions, swing shower partitions, sliding shower partitions.

Glass shower door

Glass shower doors are a stylish, modern and practical solution for bathroom decoration. They allow you to work effectively with absolutely any space. In a small shower door made of glass will visually preserve the volume of the room, and in a bathroom with a window will let sunlight into the shower area, which will provide you with significant energy savings.

Sliding shower doors

This is a classic of ergonomics for shower cabins and corners. They provide convenient and easy opening, good tightness and perfect operation. Glass framed in metal, or large raindrops on polystyrene — the design of sliding shower doors will also appeal to you. Also, high-quality plastic can be used as a material.

Basically, glass partitions are used as a zoning tool, with their help you can:

  • divide the combined bathroom into a toilet and a bathroom;
  • in an apartment with a free layout, separate the bathroom area from the rest of the space;
  • at enterprises, fitness centers and swimming pools, distinguish between a shower and a locker room, equipped in the same room.

Other solutions are also possible, depending on the size of the bathroom, its layout, and furnishings. Also, a glass partition to the bathroom can be used as an alternative to a closed shower cabin. You can install a shower, a hydro massage stand and other equipment on the wall or under the ceiling, mount a pallet in the floor or simply arrange a hole for water drain, and then separate this part of the room with a partition of suitable shape and size, made to order.

A glass partition can divide a room along its entire length or separate a small area, corner, niche, perform the functions of a stationary wall or screen, a sliding screen. The wide possibilities of application are explained by the variety of types and designs. Partitions can be:

  • frame (each glass panel is enclosed in an aluminum profile frame) and frameless, all-glass (the clamping profile is mounted only along the perimeter of the entire partition);
  • blind, without movable elements (usually mounted not from wall to wall, but so that there is a passage), sliding, with one or more swing doors;
  • straight, angular (L-shaped), radius, less often U-shaped and W-shaped.

The advantage of glass partitions for the bathroom

A glass partition in the bathroom has a number of advantages over other zoning methods:

  • it is quickly mounted (relatively simple disassembly is possible if necessary), does not require finishing, a minimum of debris is formed during installation;
  • partitions in the bathroom made of glass look elegant, do not “eat up” useful space and do not weigh down the situation, unlike brickwork;
  • At the same time, they provide a sufficient level of intimacy, since they are usually made of frosted, tinted glass, which partially transmits light, but is impervious to views.;
  • compared with a partition made of moisture-resistant drywall, glass is much stronger, scratch-resistant, absolutely not afraid of high humidity, water vapor, direct ingress of drops and water jets;
  • a glass partition, of course, is much more expensive than a curtain, but also more durable, more convenient, does not break off from the fishing line, does not stick to the body, provides reliable protection from splashes, good sound insulation, besides it looks presentable;
  • with the help of a partition, you can equip a shower room of almost any shape and size, including 2 compartments, and standard ready-made solutions do not always allow you to use the available space as efficiently as possible;
  • glass is an ideal material for the bathroom due to its high hygiene, resistance to mold, corrosion and rot, easy to clean, clean.

The use of a glass partition in the bathroom

This is a stationary or movable partition made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm or 10 mm, which is designed to protect surrounding objects from splashing with water. Such partitions are made of thick impact-resistant tempered glass, which are attached to the floor and ceiling by means of a metal frame or inserted into a clamping aluminum profile.

  • Glass thickness from 6 to 12 mm
  • The weight of the glass partition is 25 kg/m2
  • Sound insulation 25-35 dB
  • Light transmittance – 0.92
  • Impact strength, – 33 MPa
  • The specific thermal conductivity of glass is 0.93 w/ m ×k
  • The color of the fittings and profile is Brushed stainless steel. steel (SSS), Polished stainless steel. steel (PSS), Gold plating (Ti), Anodized aluminum (AL), Painting according to the RAL catalog
  • The typical thickness of loft partitions is 76 mm.
  • Types of glass: Transparent, ultra-transparent, tinted in bulk (grey, bronze), matte.

The Super Sklo manufacturing plant in Kiev manufactures glass partitions for installation in the bathroom to order, the cost for each customer is calculated individually, since it depends on a whole set of factors:

  • dimensions, total area of glasses;
  • thickness and other characteristics of glass (tempered, triplex, tinted, frosted). Decorating, drawing by sandblasting, photo printing increases the cost;
  • design features – frame or all-glass;
  • shape (radius, curved products are more expensive than straight and angular ones);
  • the presence of doors, movable sections, their number, opening mechanism. The cheapest are blind stationary partitions, sliding doors are more expensive than swing doors;
  • the cost of accessories, components for installation.

Supersklo is engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of bathroom partitions using various metal profiles and tempered glass. Order execution procedure: Measurements and creation of project drawings are the first stage on the way to creating an ideal design. The company's specialists will make measurements of the opening, after which they will develop a design project. The production of partitions takes several working days. The exact terms of production are negotiated with the client individually. Delivery of structures in Kiev and the Kiev region is carried out by the company's transport. The installation of structures is carried out by qualified specialists with extensive experience. The company additionally offers maintenance of glass partitions. The products have passed all the necessary quality checks, the results of the tests are supported by the appropriate types of documents.

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