Glass doors to the bathroom

Стеклянные двери в ванную

A beautiful glass door to the bathroom with exquisite inlay or painted stained glass windows will give the interior airiness, lightness and can be a great start to renew the interior of your home.

Before you buy glass doors to the bathroom, you need to analyze their features – how they are similar to other types of doors and how they differ significantly.

So, when purchasing glass doors to the bathroom, you need to know that they are divided into:

  • swing doors (can have one or two hinged doors of the same or different sizes and open only in one direction);
  • pendulum (open inwards and outwards);
  • sliding (open sideways, along the wall);
  • sliding (two doors, sliding in two directions).

Swing doors are attached with special canopies to the ceiling, floor or walls.

Sliding glass doors for the bathroom require the installation of a roller mechanism, according to which the sashes should easily move apart. The mechanism is not very complicated, but its correct installation is important so that the roller carriage on bearings moves easily and effortlessly along the guide rail.

Sliding design (a la wardrobe) is the most popular. It is comfortable, ergonomic and looks quite stylish. This design significantly saves space.

Glass door structures are divided into:

  • Rectilinear (the usual rectangular shape, which is standard for apartments without redevelopment).
  • Curved (these include radius ones – it is convenient if the walls and doorway have a rounded shape). Feature: there are restrictions for radius doors in height (it should not exceed 198 cm and width (optimal – 100-600 cm).

Advantages of Glass bath doors

By installing a glass door in the bathroom, you can forget forever about the “swollen” wooden panels, fungus and mold under the door frame that haunted your old door due to high humidity.

Important characteristics of glass doors:

  • water resistance;
  • endurance;
  • environmental
  • friendliness;
  • hygiene;
  • easy to operate and maintain.

Space saving is an important factor that adds attractiveness to glass structures. Thanks to the plasticity of glass, you can create any configuration and shape of doors. The compact glass structure takes up less space and visually increases the space. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, more light penetrates into the room.

Glass gives us a wide range of design possibilities – other material can hardly boast of so many variations of interesting solutions for the stylistic and exclusive design of a glass door. Glass allows you to make a door leaf of almost any shape, including curved.

Types of safety glass in the bath:

  • tempered glass (glass is tempered under the influence of high temperatures);
  • triplex (a transparent protective film is mounted inside the glass);
  • combined composition (a tough film is applied on one or two sides).

Surprisingly, glass is an excellent sound insulation material. In combination with hermetic seals, the door flaps are tightly closed, preventing drafts and the penetration of unnecessary sounds.

Separately, it is worth noting the strength of the glass structure. Six to twelve millimeters, which make up the optimal thickness of glass doors, will allow you to last long enough.

If at the heart of your door red-hot glass, it is almost impossible to break it, unless you try to do it on purpose, because it is ten times stronger than ordinary glass.

If there are children in the family, some experts recommend additionally “arming” the door with a reservation film. You can order a door not made of tempered glass, but using a triplex type system. In this case, a polymer layer is used in the manufacture of glass and under no circumstances will it be able to fly apart on impact. In case of severe damage (on impact) it can only crumble inside the structure.

Disadvantages of glass doors

  • The first is splashing and condensation. The bathroom should have excellent ventilation to prevent the appearance of excessive moisture), and a special coating can be applied to the glass, which also prevents condensation.
  • The second disadvantage is the high cost. However, this item rarely manages to cast a shadow on a weighty number of advantages of glass doors over traditional ones.

The originality of glass structures, their excellent appearance and a variety of models of different price ranges give an excellent opportunity to choose doors for any purse.

  • Glass thickness from 6 to 12 mm
  • The weight of the glass partition is 25 kg/m2
  • Sound insulation 25-35 dB
  • Light transmittance – 0.92
  • Impact strength, – 33 MPa
  • The specific thermal conductivity of glass is 0.93 w/ m ×k
  • The color of the fittings and profile is Brushed stainless steel. steel (SSS), Polished stainless steel. steel (PSS), Gold plating (Ti), Anodized aluminum (AL), Painting according to the RAL catalog
  • The typical thickness of loft partitions is 76 mm.
  • Types of glass: Transparent, ultra-transparent, tinted in bulk (grey, bronze), matte.

The cost of a glass door is influenced by a number of different more or less important factors. We will name only the main ones:

  • individual architectural features of the room;
  • the dimensions of the structure,
  • the cost of the materials from which the doors are made;
  • type and volume of decor;
  • quality of fittings;
  • methods of decorative processing of glass doors;
  • the complexity of the installation.

Non-standard sizes, a combination of different materials, an individual pattern on the doors will cost more than standard models in size and design.

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