Glass partitions with sliding doors, Glass canopies and fences

Our company is the largest manufacturer of glass partitions and doors. We provide a complete package for the design, manufacture and installation of a variety of glass structures. Here are the most popular designs that we make every day: glass partitions, glass canopies, glass fences, glass floors. Our own production base and maximum customer loyalty allows us to offer the best price-quality ratio. Our motto is Quality above all.

The service life is 50 years!
The warranty for tempered glass is 10 years!

Tempered glass structures

Стеклянные перегородки с раздвижными дверями, стеклянные козырьки и ограждения Стеклянные перегородки
Стекляннные козырьки
 стеклянные двери  стеклянные лестницы
 стеклянные ограждения  стеклянные полы
 Алюминиевые двери  стеклянные крыши

The largest glass processing plant in Kiev has been operating for more than 14 years in the Ukrainian market and offers you services for the manufacture of turnkey glass partitions, glass hardening, triplex glass manufacturing, glass and aluminum structures manufacturing. A closed production cycle allows you to minimize costs and reduce the price for the end customer. To date, the AMTT group of companies, together with the Supersklo company, produces aluminum profiles, produces lattice grillato ceilings, designs and manufactures on its own equipment a high-tech substructure for ventilated facades and translucent facades. Our own glass quenching line allows us to temper any architectural glass in a timely manner and produce safe double-glazed windows. The latest European equipment allows both tempering and drawing on glass, removing the European edge and drilling holes for hinges or other fasteners that are used in the manufacture of all-glass partitions or glass doors.

The workshop for the production of aluminum cassettes is able to provide the most demanding customer, because our capacities allow milling and bending aluminum cassettes of any complexity.

Supersklo company performs glazing of facades, shop windows, cottages and private houses made of tempered and architectural glass. When glazing facades of supermarkets, shopping malls and business centers, the customer usually prefers spectacular options (such as structural glazing), but tries to save on quality and energy saving. In private construction, on the contrary, quality, energy saving of the structure and service life are primarily important to the Customer. And the color of the glass, the reflection coefficient has a secondary character.

In our production, you can also order aluminum structures, such as aluminum doors, aluminum windows, aluminum facades.

Aluminum doors are the most popular product on the market. Doors can be both warm and cold, single and double-leaf, with a shtulp, with a threshold or with a brush, and there are an incredible variety of options for breaking doors. Also, we must not forget that in apartments it is better to use as interior doors glass doors. Also tempered glass is used in glass shower partitions . Our company not only produces them, but can also perform the installation of doors in Kiev and Kharkiv. Also separately note the possibility of ordering stainless steel railings.

Recently, such orders as glass roofs have been gaining popularity among private orders. They are stationary aluminum and sliding with automatic drive. This is a completely new product on the market, which has been unavailable to us for a long time and now you can become one of the first customers to install sliding glass roofs in Kiev. It is also impossible to ignore such high-tech products as transparent floors and stairs.

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Цельностеклянные перегородки с дверьми
Цельностеклянные перегородки двери и козырьки идеально подходят для офисов и торговых центров
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