Panoramic glazing Lviv

In the world of modern design and architecture, panoramic glazing has become an integral part of unique residential and commercial projects. Over the past decades, this innovative concept has been gaining popularity, and rightly so! Advances in glazing technology and the emergence of profiles with outstanding load-bearing capacity and improved energy-saving characteristics make it possible to create unique large-format translucent structures in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

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What does panoramic glazing offer?

Increase natural light: Allow sunlight to fill your space. This is especially important for offices, residential homes and apartments where creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere plays an important role.

Imposing views: Discover breathtaking views from panoramic windows. Such glazing is perfect for cottages with striking landscaping and upper floors of buildings.

Space and light: Glass walls create a feeling of spaciousness, lightness and airiness in the room, which is especially important if the interior is made in dark colors.

Style and aesthetics: Buildings equipped with panoramic glazing look very stylish and modern, like architectural masterpieces from science fiction.

Now we touch on the myths about panoramic glazing. Many people mistakenly believe that this solution is suitable only for warm climates. However, with the right choice of profiles and installation of special glasses, panoramic glazing can even reduce heating costs due to the natural warming of the room by sunlight.

For southern regions, sun protection glass prevents overheating, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate. Multiformat glass, depending on the season, provides both sun protection properties and heat retention.

Safety is one of the important aspects. Modern technologies make it possible to create glasses that can withstand significant loads and are highly resistant to impact.

Well, and, of course, panoramic glazing can not do without a variety of profile options:

PVC profiles are a budget and practical choice for balconies, loggias and terraces.

Wooden profiles – an elite option with an attractive appearance and high thermal insulation characteristics.

Aluminum profile – you can frame large massive windows, with light weight such profile has excellent load-bearing capacity, high strength, looks neat;

For offices and business centers

For house, cottage, apartment

For restaurants, cafes, bars

For stores, shopping centers

For financial institutions, banks

For factories and enterprises

For educational institutions

For medical centers and beauty salons

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Choose the best for your project!

However, it should be noted that the high price of such solutions is caused by the impressive area of glazing, the use of thicker, durable and energy-saving glass, as well as the complexity of installation.

The main areas of application of large-format translucent structures are panoramic glazing of balconies and loggias, bay windows, verandas, terraces, swimming pools, orangeries and winter gardens, interior rooms, facade walls of the house, as well as installation of panoramic windows in apartments. The following types of panoramic glazing are used in private housing construction:

  • circular panorama (all exterior walls) and partial glazing (one wall, corner);
  • window and door system (each element of the structure is enclosed in a frame) and structural glazing, similar to the facade glazing of high-rise buildings – the glass is attached to a framework of transoms and posts, which is not visible from the outside;
  • monolithic (with or without doorway) and sliding;
  • warm (PVC profile, aluminum profile with thermal break or wood, double glazing) and cold (single glass or single chamber glazing, cold aluminum profile or PVC with a minimum number of air chambers).

Order panoramic glazing in Lviv

So, when you turn to Supersklo, we guarantee to make your dream of superior panoramic glazing a reality. We also focus on the safety and durability of our constructions, making us a reliable partner for your projects.

Cooperation with Supersklo will bring you not only quality panoramic glazing, but also many advantages:

🛠️ Professional installation: Our technicians have extensive experience in panoramic glazing installation, ensuring accurate and reliable installation.

💼 Personalized approach: We will listen to your needs and provide a solution that matches your expectations and the style of your project.

🌡️ Energy efficiency: Our structures are designed to maximize insulation and reduce heating costs.

🏆 Quality and Reliability: We use only the highest quality materials and proven techniques to ensure each design is durable and reliable.

🔒 Safety: Our glass and profiles meet high standards of safety and reliability.

So if you are dreaming of superb panoramic glazing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Supersklo is ready to fulfill your ideas and make your project unique, stylish and functional. Create a space that inspires with us and enjoy breathtaking views, comfort and modern design.

Technical characteristics of panoramic glazing.

  • Construction height, max: 3200 mm
  • Glass sash width, max: 900 mm,
  • Total width of the glazing system: not limited
  • Number of opening panels: up to 12 per side
  • Glass: tempered M0 (complies with EN 12150, EN 572-8)
  • Glass thickness, mm: 8, 10 mm
  • Height of the bottom profile, mm: 55
  • Height of glass fixing profile: top profile: up to 40 mm
  • Height of upper profile: up to 58 mm
  • Height of bottom profile: up to 40 mm
  • Height of adjustment profile: up to 61 mm
  • Height adjustment: up to 25 mm
  • Minimum profile thickness: 2 mm
  • Locking system “Standard”, rotary handle, slide lock, handle lock, child lock

Price of frameless glazing

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