Glazing of private houses and cottages in Kyiv and Kharkiv

If necessary, it is possible to apply powder polymer coating to give the profile any color according to the RAL catalog, to apply the structure of wood (more than twenty species) to the profile, to make the construction in “bicolor” – the possibility to make a balcony block of different colors inside and outside the room. It is possible to use aluminum profile with galvanic coating – “anodizing” – anodizing can have different shades: silver, bronze, gold, stainless steel, etc.

Остекление частных домов и коттеджей в Киеве и Харькове

Aluminum windows and doors can be: rotary, tilt-turn, tilt-turn, parallel sliding, lift-sliding, portal, folding like “accordion”, pendulum, with remote opening with the installation of a variety of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic devices.

For offices and business centers

For house, cottage, apartment

For restaurants, cafes, bars

For stores, shopping centers

For financial institutions, banks

For factories and enterprises

For educational institutions

For medical centres and beauty salons

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Aluminum structures are

-warm aluminum constructions – the profile of such constructions has a special thermal break (thermal bridge), heat and noise insulation ability of such constructions is higher than that of metal-plastic and wooden similar constructions.

Warm aluminum profile is ideal for making the following structures for cottage glazing: aluminum windows; aluminum doors for main and secondary entrances; aluminum doors for wine cellars; for glazing heated terraces, balconies, verandas, barbecues; for making winter gardens, glass roofs or skylights; for making glass facades, etc..

aluminum-wooden constructions – this is one of the varieties of warm aluminum profile that meets all the requirements of thermoseries. Decorative overlays of different types of wood are applied to the inner aluminum contour. Aluminum-wood windows are elite systems, and combine the practicality, reliability and high performance of the aluminum profile with the warmth, comfort and elegance of wood..

-cold aluminum structures – the profile of such structures is not subject to high thermal insulation requirements.

Cold aluminum profile is used in the manufacture of: windows in unheated rooms; internal aluminum doors – doors to utility rooms (laundry rooms, storerooms, garage), utility rooms; as entrance doors when arranging a vestibule; for the manufacture of internal partitions; for glazing unheated terraces, balconies, verandas, barbecues..

At glazing of cottages, we use window and facade systems of trade marks: PROVEDAL (Spain), REYNAERS (Belgium), ALUMIL (Greece), PROFILCO (Greece), METALPLAST (Poland), ALUPROF (Poland), ALUTECH (Belarus), TALISMAN (Ukraine), ZENIT (Ukraine), FENIS (Turkey), KURTOGLU (Turkey), SARAY (Turkey).

Aluminum profile is absolutely non-flammable and environmentally friendly. Heat and noise insulation of modern aluminum windows made of warm aluminum is not inferior to plastic and wooden windows, and the service life of aluminum windows is obscenely long – more than 80 years!!!!Glazing of cottages and country houses in Kiev and Kharkov is a responsible process and interesting work. Country house is a place where you spend your best hours and rest your soul.

Остекление частных домов и коттеджей в Киеве и Харькове

If you are engaged in the construction of your home independently, the question of glazing of a country house arises: the question of choice of material, the choice of contractor firm, which will perform the work qualitatively and in time.The most modern material is aluminum. With the right choice of shape, design and color of structures – our products will please not only you, but also your grandchildren for years.

Остекление частных домов и коттеджей в Киеве и Харькове

Advantages of aluminum structures

Aluminum is one of the most modern materials in architecture. It is suitable both for facades of buildings in cities and ideal for private construction: country houses, cottages. Our company will offer the best commercial offer based on your requirements and your budget. Let’s consider the main advantages of structures made of aluminum profile AMTT-Kharkiv:

  • environmental friendliness (aluminum does not emit harmful substances)
  • long service life of aluminum profile (more than 60 years)
  • fire safety (non-flammable, flammability grade G0)
  • excellent sound and heat insulation
  • perfect resistance of the aluminum profile to external temperature changes
  • huge variety of design solutions
  • various colors

To ensure that your cottage meets the most modern requirements, has a unified style and does not require repairs – we choose aluminum profiles and a construction company with a good reputation. Our twelve years of experience in the field of construction allows us to fulfill your order qualitatively and on time!

Order glazing of cottages in Kiev and Kharkov.

Specialists of LLC “Supersklo” are ready to come to your site, take the necessary measurements, advise on the terms and prices of manufacturing and installation of window units, doors, facades, stained glass, conservatories, transparent roofs and skylights, i.e. all the structures included in the glazing of the cottage. If you want to make a complex order in our company in Kiev and Kharkov (all translucent constructions with installation) – we will discuss DISCOUNT! Call now and find out your price for glazing a private house.

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Main elements used in glazing of country houses

Остекление частных домов и коттеджей в Киеве и Харькове

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