Frameless glazing in Kyiv

Frameless and panoramic glazing systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their wide range of operational possibilities.

The main advantages of these designs panoramic glazing Kiev:
1. Quality and reliability. All structural elements – guide and sash profiles, roller posts, large-diameter rollers, etc. are manufactured according to Ukrainian and European ISO standards. – are manufactured according to Ukrainian and European ISO standards.
2. Mechanical strength of the systems, allowing them to withstand significant loads (up to 220 kg/m2), both wind and static loads.
3. Possibility to manufacture constructions of large sizes (with sash width up to 2.0 mm and glazing height up to 5.0 m).
4. Availability of sash profile ends, possibility to install glass grippers.
5. Use of Schlegel (brush type) seals in the systems.
6. Using only tempered glass 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and even 19 mm.

Advantages of frameless glazing of balconies and panoramic glazing of loggias:
1. Impressive appearance, providing good lighting, no props.
2. The ability to fully open the balcony by pushing all the glass panes to the side or to the wall.
3. All surfaces of the sashes are washable thanks to their inward opening only.
4. The ability to move the sashes through any angle to fully open the opening of the loggia or balcony.

Frameless glazing technology from the company Supersklo actively used in the design of premises, offices, balconies.

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Areas of application of panoramic glazing

For offices and business centers

For house, cottage, apartment

For restaurants, cafes, bars

For stores, shopping centers

For financial institutions, banks

For factories and enterprises

For educational institutions

For medical centres and beauty salons

Differences of the frameless glazing system

1. Movement of sashes on roller carriages on the lower and upper rails with the same sashes driving one behind the other like windows in a closet.
2. Possibility of sliding the sashes both to one and two sides thanks to an unlimited number of guide rails.
3. Permissible loads on the structure – up to 50 kg/m2.
4. Large permissible sash dimensions (up to 3 m height, up to 1.2 m width).
5. The thickness of the glass used is 8-12 mm.

It is better to order frameless glazing of the showcase from professionals, as the installation requires strict compliance with regulations. Experienced technologists will tell you how to properly operate this kind of showcase, provide quality hardware.

Characteristics of the panoramic glazing system

Safety of panoramic glazing

Panoramic glazing in a flat offers many advantages, the main one being the magnificent views. However, there is a question about the safety of living on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, where glass windows extend from floor to ceiling. With this in mind, it is important to pay attention to the technical aspects that ensure the safety of panoramic glazing.

Modern glass manufacturing technologies for panoramic glazing are designed with safety in mind. Special tempered glass is used to create durable and reliable structures. Such glass has increased strength and resistance to various external influences.

The design of panoramic glazing usually includes laminated glass. This approach allows for increased safety, as laminated glass is able to retain shards in the event of breakage. It is also possible to use special films between the glass layers, which provide additional strength and prevent shards from flying off in the event of damage.

Thus, panoramic glazing using special toughened glass and multi-layer construction ensures a high level of safety. These technical solutions guarantee the strength and reliability of the glass surfaces, minimising the risk of possible problems.

Durability. Frameless balcony glazing does not use bearings, so the glass panels slide smoothly and reliably around the perimeter of the structure. The parts used in the construction do not wear out over time, so the system does not require additional maintenance after installation;
The tightness of frameless glazing is a key aspect that ensures high thermal and acoustic insulation as well as protection against airflow and external atmospheric
conditions. The following technical
solutions are used to achieve this effect:

  1. Sealing materials: Frameless glazing uses special seals that are placed at the connecting joints of the panes or at their perimeter. These seals ensure airtightness by preventing air and water penetration.

  2. Laminated glass: To improve thermal and acoustic insulation, laminated glass consisting of two or more layers of glass with intermediate layers, such as polymers or films, can be used. This helps to reduce sound penetration and increase safety.

Strength. The panels are connected on the inside with strong metal parts, which guarantees the safety and tightness of the system;
With or without a track. The system can be ordered with or without a panel closer. Using a system without a door closer allows you to install curtains or blinds without any problems and maintain the aesthetics of the construction.

Side lock. Unlike traditional locking systems, this innovative side lock stands out for its security and tightness combined with aesthetics, which makes it very different from existing products on the market. With the lock handle you can easily open and close the system.
Safety lock. The system can be easily combined with any standard lock, thus improving the security of the room. The lock handle makes it easy to open and close the system.
Compensation profile. The system can be completely recessed into the floor, which ensures its safety and cleanliness. The height of the system can be adjusted by means of a compensating profile. In the open position, the bottom profile can be covered with a decorative strip that prevents debris from entering the profile.
Sliding door.Movable door. This new product is a great solution for verandas, hotels and offices. You will be able to place the door anywhere with the use of a sliding panel that functions as a door. You will also be able to add any safety lock. The glazed area will be completely open and can be fully utilised.

System specifications

Technical characteristics of frame-less sliding glazing “bookcase”
Thermal insulation, W/m*K0,99Frameless glazing has no thermal break and is considered cold glazing.
Wind resistance, kN/sq.m2,5Excellent wind protection without breaking or failing.
Sound insulation, dB11Not bad enough to protect against sound from the outside, but certainly not like a double-glazed window!
Burglary resistanceTempered glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary raw glass.
Water resistance200 Pa.Water is discharged through the drainage holes.
Resistance to bending1200 PaAt a height of 3000 mm, the bending is 91 mm without breaking.
Resistance to vertical point loading800 НThe 3,000 metre sample passed the test.

Aluminium profile system for frameless glazing

  • Aluminium profiles in standard sizes
  • The material of the profiles is aluminium with a minimum thickness of 2 mm in the construction.

Height adjustment of the system.

  • Adjustment up to 25 mm. by means of the lower compensating profile.
  • Adjustment up to 25 mm. by means of the upper compensating profile.

Ways of opening the structure.

  • The panels can be opened inwards or outwards and both sides at the same time.
  • The panels can be slid to one side, both sides, on a corner, or in the middle of the structure.
  • Opening system with or without door closer.
  • Standard security system with door locking from the top or bottom.

Glass for frameless glazing

  • Tempered or laminated glass.
  • Glass thicknesses of 6,8,10 and 12 mm. (exactly the same glass is used in glass partitions)

Construction colour

  • Available in any colour according to the international RAL catalogue.
  • Coatings imitating wood of various species are possible.
  • Anodised profile coatings are possible.

Maximum system size

  • The width of the movable panel is up to 1,200mm and the non-movable panel up to 4,000mm.
  • Maximum height of the structure – 3000 mm.
  • The width of the construction has no limits. For the glazing of large areas, a parking system is used to bring the panels together in one place.

Price of frameless panoramic glazing in Kiev.

Suspended frameless glazing

Price per 1 square metre
StructureSuspended frameless glazing
HarmoshkaCar parkA little book
gazebos and summer kitchens10 00015 00012 000
terraces and verandas10 00015 00012 000
balconies and loggias“not in use”“not in use.”10 000

Stationary (window) frameless glazing

Price per 1 square metre
StructureStationary, Frameless window glazing
Clamping profilePoint fixing
gazebos and summer kitchens3 0003 500
terraces and verandas3 0003 000
balconies and loggias3 000“not in use”

If you are in Kharkov, you can order Безрамное остекление Харьков или Панорамное остекление Харьков

Keeping prices down for frameless sliding constructions

  1. Small staff: Unlike huge companies with thousands of employees, our company is made up of a small number of specialists. This allows us to reduce payroll costs and speed up the decision-making process.

  2. Own production: Our company has its own workshop, equipment and storage facilities. This allows us to reduce the cost of the finished product by reducing the cost of renting production space.

  3. Marketing: We have developed our own marketing strategy, which we adhere to. We focus on the quality of our work without complaint, and in this way we achieve word-of-mouth or so-called “word of mouth” marketing. This allows us to significantly reduce advertising and promotion costs.

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