Glass partitions in Kiev

Glass partitions in Kiev are designed for zoning the space with the help of tempered glass. Glass partitions can be blank, sliding, with frosted glass and glass doors. Below we will tell you about the advantages of glass partitions and their types.

Advantages of all-glass partitions

All-glass partitions are now used in almost every office, bank or shopping mall, as well as railway stations, airports, shopping malls and exhibition complexes. This can be easily explained not only by the desire to comply with trends in architecture, but also by the practical advantages:

  • The transparency of glass, which allows light to pass through and can externally increase the boundaries of the room;
  • High soundproofing;
  • Safety of the room – this is especially important for shopping malls and offices with high traffic. SUPERSKLO uses only safe tempered glass;

Despite all the advantages, our glass partitions also have disadvantages:

  • Rather high price (compared with partitions made of plasterboard);
  • High fragility of glass (easy to break, using metal objects);

Types of glass partitions

In our lives there are many cases where you can use glass partitions and, accordingly, partitions come in different types. Here are the most popular of them:

Раздвижные стеклянные перегородки Стеклянные офисные перегородки Межкомнатные стеклянные перегородки
Sliding glass partitionsGlass office partitionsInterior glass partitions
Glass partitions in the apartmentBank partitionsGlass partitions in the bathroom
Стеклянные ЛОФТ перегородки Стеклянные двери Лофт
Glass Loft partitionsLoft glass doorsGlass constructions
Стеклянные перегородки для душа
Shower glass partitions

We can also separately mention that there are glass partitions for room zoning.
All glass partitions are made of 10 mm thick tempered glass on a terminal aluminum profile.

Стеклянные перегородки Киев

The main difference from aluminum partitions is the absence of vertical aluminum profiles, i.e. tempered glass is installed butt to butt, and the fixation of glass is made with the help of clamping profiles. The main advantage of all-glass partitions is excellent visibility, lightness and airiness.

Перегородки из закаленного стекла
Airiness and light transmission. Glass partitions greatly enlarge the office.
Стеклянные перегородки в офис
Maximum Transparency. Conduct negotiations and presentations with maximum transparency
стеклянные перегородки в детскую комнату
Maximum safety We use only tempered safety glass in partitions

The appearance of glass partitions

Type of glass partitions Kiev depends on your preferences. Different types of glass can be used in partition constructions:

  • Glass tinted. The color of the glass is added during the production of the glass in the factory. This ensures that the color is the same throughout the entire plane of the glass.
  • Transparent glass (Float glass). The ideal solution for connoisseurs of simplicity and quality in everything. Clear tempered glass with polished or ground edges is used in glass partitions.
  • Glass with tinting film. The main advantage of this type of partition is the huge range of colors.
  • Double glazing with integrated shutters. Excellent solution for executive office or VIP lounge.
  • Glass with a pattern on the film. Any pattern is possible.
  • Fully frosted glass. The most uniform effect of blurring of outlines and lines is achieved by chemical matting of glass.

Glass partitions are very often used in glazing of private homes and cottages.

Buy glass partitions in Kiev

You can contact our specialists in Kiev and order a price calculation for glass partitions. Evaluate the benefits of working with Supersklo and make your choice.For an exact calculation of the cost of the partitions send us an application by e-mail.

To calculate the cost of glass partitions our designers will need any sketch with a description of what you want to see. You can also attach a ready offer from your competitors (you can do it without prices).

Order measurement of glass partitions

If you know where the glass partitions should be installed, and you are satisfied with our price offer – you can call a measuring engineer. We produce and install glass partitions in Kiev and Kiev region. Also in the offices are very popular lattice Grillato ceilings, which we produce. Order grilyato ceilings together with the glass partitions and save your money and time.

Interior glass partitions

Many people are unhappy with the layout of our apartments. Children would like a separate area for games, myself an office somewhere in the center, so that everything is supervised, and no one interferes, my wife needs a private corner for various female esoteric activities. And we only have a few rooms where everything happens at the same time and side by side. But we have to put up with it all, because major redevelopment is very expensive and requires a huge investment. And the result can be much worse than the original, and there is no getting away from it.

Glass partitions in the apartment will solve all problems at once:

It corrects unsuccessful room layout;
Divides personal space without capital investments and large financial expenses;
Reasonably zoning the area, for example, divides a small room into a business and leisure island or isolated bedroom right in the hall.

So they really expand its usable volume without you buying any new square footage.

Price of glass partitions Kiev

Price from 1300 UAH/m2 (partitions with single glazing, not including doors and installation costs) when ordering from 500 m2:

  • Blind glazing 1300 UAH/m2.
  • Partition with door 1600 UAH/m2.
  • Doors (900×2100) (handle+lock) 6500 UAH/sht..

Prices are exclusive of pickup and installation. Please contact our managers

Prices for typical glass partitions

Direct partition 12 m2 – Price: 22 200 UAH.
Цена прямой стеклянной перегородки

L-shaped glass partition 21 m2Price: 37 600 UAH.
Цена угловой стеклянной перегородки

U-shaped glass partition – 30 m2Price: 47 000 UAH.
перегородка из стекла в офис

W-shaped glass partition 54 m2Price: 87 700 UAH.
Цена стеклянной перегородки Киев

Technical characteristics of glass partitions

  • Height 2600-4100 mm
  • Glass width up to 2100 mm
  • Recommended glass width 1040 mm
  • Glass thickness from 10 to 12 mm
  • Weight of 10 mm thick glass – 25 kg/m2
  • Soundproofing 27 dB
  • Color of starting profiles – anodized aluminum

Installation of glass partitions in Kiev

It is important not only to properly design and manufacture tempered glass for partitions, but also to install all components with high quality. Our company gives a warranty on works up to 5 years, which indicates a long service life and quality of our glass constructions.

Video installation of glass partitions Kiev

If you are in Kharkov, then order glass partitions by at this link.