Glass partitions in Kharkov

Glass partitions are constructions made of tempered glass, which form walls and are designed for zoning offices, apartments and technical premises. Main advantages of glass partitions: small thickness, light weight, high strength, soundproof, moisture, hygiene and fire resistance. Glass partitions Kharkov is a perfect design solution. Transparent all-glass partitions and sliding doors are usually used in offices and commercial premises. Glass partitions can be transparent, frosted, artistically matted or with a company logo.

The glass partitions are made of impact-resistant tempered glass 10 up to 20 mm thick, with light transmission up to 85%.

Стеклянные перегородки Харьков

Advantages of glass partitions in Kharkov

  1. The main advantage of safety glass partitions is that they do not visually shrink the room and do not block the light.
  2. Glass office partitions in Kharkov mounted aluminum clamping profile to the floor and ceiling – installation can be done both during construction and at the end of repair.
  3. Installation of glass partitions of tempered glass in Kharkov performed by professional teams in the shortest possible time.
  4. In offices or living quarters where glass partitions are installed, a large number of employees can work (or just be there) at the same time thanks to their excellent soundproofing. Thanks to all these factors, the atmosphere in the team improves and productivity increases.
  5. Durable thick tempered safety glass perfectly keeps both heat warm in winter and cool in summer and creates a comfortable working environment.
  6. Glass partitions with doors and sliding glass partitions are very durable and do not require maintenance.

Designing glass partitions in Kharkov

Проектирование стеклянных перегородок в Харькове

Glass office partitions and all-glass sliding partitions with doors are used in many modern shopping centers and office buildings. Designing glass structures is a complex process that takes many factors into consideration:

  • the size of the office space;
  • conditions of use in the office;
  • type and type of partitions (aluminum or all-glass, blank or with openings);
  • the type of load-bearing structures of the building;
  • requirements for soundproofing and permeability in the room;
  • Types of opening, degree of security, and much more

Installation of glass partitions in Kharkov

Installation of tempered glass partitions is usually done on a frameless basis. In this case, a clamping clamp profile is mounted around the perimeter and 10 mm glass is inserted into it. In such partitions are usually inserted: swing glass doors or sliding glass doors.

монтаж стеклянных перегородок Харьков

The quality of installation of all-glass partitions usually depends on the professionalism of the installer: perfect measurements and compliance with the technical installation chart. Our professional installers have had all the necessary training and have extensive experience in installing glass partitions.

Price of glass partitions in Kharkov

Glass partitions in Kharkov are in the middle price range and have these prices:

Price from 1300 UAH/m2 (walls with single glazing, excluding doors and installation costs) when ordering from 50 m2:

  • Glazing 1300 UAH/m2.
  • Partitioning with a door of 1600 UAH/m2.
  • Doors (900×2100) (handle + lock) 6500 UAH/sht.

Prices are exclusive of freight and installation. Please contact our managers

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